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How do I apply for a Resident Permit?

To apply for a Central Bedfordshire Council Resident Permit, simply follow the below instructions:

  • Login to myRingGo. If you are not yet registered to RingGo then you will first be required to Sign-Up.
  • Click 'Apply for a new Permit'.
  • Central Bedfordshire Council will be preset as the local authority. Select 'Resident Permit' using the dropdown menu.
  • Complete the application form as instructed on-screen, ensuring details are provided in all required fields.
  • Upload the required proofs to support your application. If you cannot upload the proofs at the time of completing your application, select that you will send proofs by post. The Council will then match the proofs against your RingGo application when they arrive. Please note that your application is likely to take longer to approve if you post the documents.
  • Click 'Confirm' to submit your application.

Once the request has been submitted, it will display on your account as 'Pending'. Pending applications will be reviewed by the Council and processed within five working days.

You will be informed by the Council of your status by email. If your application has been approved, you will now be able to purchase a resident session.

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