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Can I book a parking session online?

Parking sessions can easily be booked online by simply logging in or creating a new account and using the booking form.

All RingGo sessions purchased online will begin immediately unless advance parking is offered at your desired location. To confirm whether advance parking is available, refer to our Parking Locator and search by location.

Alternatively, when using the online booking form and selecting a location that does offer advance parking, you can select 'Later' under the 'When do you want to park?' heading and click the calendar tool to select the date before using the dropdown boxes to set the time. All other steps need to be completed as directed on-screen to finalise the booking.

Please note that RingGo cannot guarantee you a space if you choose to purchase parking prior to your arrival, nor can we offer a refund should you change your mind and decide not to park once the session has been purchased.

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