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How do I edit my vehicle details?

You are able to manage your vehicles either online or using the 'Vehicles' menu in our mobile apps.

To edit your vehicle details online, login to RingGo, click 'Account' in the top right corner of the page and select 'Vehicles' from the dropdown menu. You can then add, edit or delete any vehicle from here by following the below instructions:

Adding a vehicle

Under the 'My Vehicles' heading, click 'Add a vehicle' before entering the vehicle registration, colour, make and vehicle type before saving.

Editing an existing vehicle

When editing an existing vehicle you are only able to amend the make, colour and vehicle type. The vehicle registration cannot be amended and you would be required to delete the vehicle if you no longer require that vehicle stored against your vehicle list.

To amend the details on an existing vehicle, click the 'Edit' (pencil and pad) icon displayed next to the vehicle description you wish to amend and use the dropdown menus to set the make, colour and type of vehicle before saving.

Delete an existing vehicle

To delete a vehicle, click the 'Delete' (red cross) icon to the far right of the vehicle description and click 'Yes' on the displayed prompt for that vehicle to be permanently removed from your RingGo account.

Active Permit Vehicle

If you have a RingGo permit, you will need to use the 'Change vehicle(s) on session / permit' option beneath the 'My Vehicles' heading to amend the active permit vehicle(s). Adding, editing or deleting vehicles from the 'My Vehicles' page will not make any changes to an existing RingGo permit.

Preferred/Default Vehicle Option

The 'Preferred vehicle' option offered when adding a new vehicle or editing an existing vehicle will set this vehicle to be the default vehicle when using our Text to Park service. This does not have any influence over the vehicle(s) stored on an existing RingGo permit and you will still be required to change the active permit vehicle in the regular manner.

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