Ringgo Parking

How Virtual permits work

Parking permits are no longer issued as paper documents. When you register for a permit, either online or by telephone, your details are logged electronically and Civil Enforcement Officers use handheld computers to check vehicles in controlled parking zones (CPZs).


Applying for a permit online is a three stage process.

Permit Application Flow Diagram

The first stage is to register with RingGo. RingGo is the software provider that provides the online permit system. You only need to do this once. Your phone number will be your username and will be needed whenever you need to log into the system again.

The second stage is to complete the application form for the permit type you require. You will be taken straight into the application after completing the RingGo registration form. The first part of the application asks you to enter your postcode where you can then select your address from a drop down. Once that is completed you will be taken through the rest of the application which will ask for information relevant to the permit type you are applying for. All permit applications last one year.

The third stage is to purchase your permit. You can only do this against a valid application. If you have been approved for a permit by automatic checks you will be taken straight into the form where you purchase your permit. If not you will be told that your application needs to be manually checked and you will receive an email once it has been authorised. Once authorised you need to log back into RingGo and purchase your permit.

Resident permit

Complete the application form with your address and post code and relevant proof of residency and vehicle.

If you are purchasing an annual permit you have 30 days in which to purchase your permit. If you leave it longer than this your application will no longer be valid and you will have to re-apply. If you are purchasing a quarterly (three months) permit you only need to apply once. For future purchases, you simply log back in and purchase a new permit. You can do this for the four quarters that make up your year's pass. You will then be required to renew your application.

Further proof of address

You will be asked to upload other proof of your address, for example, a copy of your council tax bill.

We also need a copy of your vehicle registration document, also known as form V5, to prove that you own your vehicle. If your vehicle is a company car we will also need supporting evidence, such as a letter from your company, to prove you are allowed to drive the vehicle.

Your application will then be sent to NSL Services for approval. This can take up to two working days and you will be informed by email. When the application has been authorised you will receive an email informing you of the decision. The email will also have the link you can use to pay for your parking permit. Once your permit has been purchased it is valid immediately.

When your permit expires

When your permit is due to expire you will receive an email to remind you to renew. You can follow the link in the email to view your previous application. If you click on the green arrow in the renew column against your application the renewal form will open. The form will be the same as last year and ask you if anything has changed. If nothing has changed you simply press confirm and you can purchase your permit straight away. If something has changed you will be asked to upload supporting proofs and will need to wait for your renewal to be authorised before you can purchase your permit.


If you no longer require your permit you can obtain a pro-rata refund. The refund applies to any whole months that remain unused as at the date of surrender of the permit. To obtain a refund you must contact NSL Services by calling 0345 680 1129.

Change of vehicle

If you change your vehicle or decide to park a new vehicle in your CPZ, even for a short time, you must update your permit details. To do this follow the instructions in the change of vehicle help article. Remember to change them again if you return to your original vehicle.

Further help

If you have further questions, visit the Help section.