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I've tried to change my mobile number but it says the number is already in use!

If you have attempted changing your stored mobile number and are told that the number you are trying to change it to is already in use; this means that you have more than one account and would have used the new number with Parkmobile in the past.

This leaves you with two options:

1. You can keep the two accounts active and available for use with Parkmobile.  To access each account you need simply login with the mobile number and last four digits of your stored payment card or Password combination.

If you do not remember your login details you can request to reset your PIN or Password using the respective or  links found on the 'Login' page.  You will be required to select a Security Question and provide a valid answer to be sent a reset link.

We would recommend that you add noreply@parkmobile.com.au to your safe senders list to ensure that you receive all e-mails from us and check your Junk/Spam folder for delivery on the first occasion if the e-mail does not directly reach your Inbox.

2. You can request that the two (or more) accounts are merged so that all transaction records are stored against the one mobile number you wish to use going forward.  This will effectively delete all other mobile numbers and accounts you held with us.

To request that your accounts are merged, you will need to raise an enquiry with our Customer Support Desk and provide us with the mobile number you wish to continue using and the mobile number(s) you no longer require stored for future use.

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Article Last Updated at: 06 Oct 15 14:14

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