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My appeal has been rejected, can I get a refund of the parking session?

We are not the recipient of payments made via our service and as such, we are not permitted to authorise any refund request. Whenever you pay with the RingGo parking service, we simply bank the monies directly to the parking operator, and as such your payment is with them. It is therefore at their discretion as to whether they authorise a partial or full refund of any sort. We work within strict guidelines set by the parking operators who offer our service.

In order to request a refund, you should contact the parking operator enclosing a copy of your VAT receipt as proof of purchase. Parking fines are also issued by the parking operator or their respective enforcement agent so if you have paid the fine, the parking operator holds both your parking fee and parking fine payments.

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Article Last Updated at: 14 Mar 18 15:02

Category: Parking Fines

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