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I've paid for parking and given the wrong location. What do I do?

In order to rectify this situation as quickly as possible and limit the potential of a parking fine being issued, we would urge you to call RingGo to pay again for the correct location and then seek a refund from the relevant parking operator for the incorrect session.

The RingGo parking service works in the same way as the on-site payment machines, i.e., once you have paid for parking in one particular location you cannot then choose to move your vehicle to another location without expecting to pay again, regardless of whether the new location is managed by the same parking operator.

When you book via RingGo, the location code and description are either read back to you during the call or displayed on-screen (if booking online or via our mobile apps), and it is at this stage you have the opportunity to amend the location prior to making payment.

The success of the RingGo parking system relies solely upon the customer entering three key pieces of information:

  • The vehicle registration number
  • The parking location code
  • The desired duration

This is the only information sent to the parking attendants to allow them to enforce accordingly. Therefore, if you have paid for the wrong location, your details will not appear on the enforcement device of the attendant patrolling that area and you are likely to be issued with a parking fine.

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