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Can you cancel my parking fine?

All parking fines are issued by the enforcement operator and not RingGo. It is imperative that when you make payment with RingGo, session based information such as the vehicle registration, location and parking duration (remember you can extend any RingGo session if you require more time and have not reached the maximum stay duration or the session has expired and a no return rule is enforced!) must be 100% accurate. It is these details that are provided to the enforcement operator so if any part of the vehicle registration is incorrect or you have paid to park at the wrong location you are liable to receive a parking fine.

If you have received a parking fine, you must write to the enforcement operator as per their appeals process (full details are normally dictated on the back of the ticket). Unfortunately, RingGo are both strictly and contractually prevented from being able to intervene in an appeals procedure.

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Article Last Updated at: 26 Mar 18 11:31

Category: Parking Fines

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