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Last train rules at Chiltern Railways stations

All daily sessions at a Chiltern Railways station booked with RingGo will expire at 23:59 the same day and not allocate a full 24 hour period as per the operational parking rules of the car park. Although this end time is applied, exceptions will be made to allow return journeys arriving prior to 01:59 the following morning.

Should you not expect to return back to the station until after 02:00 the next day, you must purchase an additional day's parking to cover you through this period.

For example, if you are travelling from High Wycombe Station at High Wycombe (2603) at 13:04 on 6th February and are expecting to return to the station at 07:48 on 7th February you would be expected to purchase two days' parking.

This means that if you have purchased the one day originally, you are required to renew the session by a further day with RingGo. The same rule applies to all multiple day sessions.

When paying for your parking by cash or at the on-site ticket office (if applicable) and requiring additional parking time, new sessions can be purchased with RingGo by booking as close to the existing session end time, without allowing the current session to expire, or in advance by setting the start date and time (i.e., 00:00 the next day) with our online and mobile app facilities only.

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Article Last Updated at: 27 Mar 18 10:29

Category: Railway Stations

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