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Am I restricted to how many Visitor sessions I can purchase?

All permit applications are valid for one year from acceptance after which time you will be required to renew by the same method in which you originally applied.

During this time frame there are no restrictions to the number of visitor sessions you are able to purchase.

With RingGo Permits you will be sent an email reminder two weeks prior to your current permit expiring and will then need to renew your application online at myRingGo by clicking the 'Renew' icon next to your original application on the 'Permit Applications' page.

If you still hold a paper permit you will receive a letter to remind you when your permit is due to expire. The letter will contain a unique link for you to follow which will match your paper permit with your existing or since created RingGo account. Enter the details you used to apply for your paper permit on this page which will allow the system to retrieve your current permit details. Then you can check the details, update if necessary and confirm your renewal. You will either be approved instantly if no details have changed since first applying or be required to wait up to five working days for NSL Services (on behalf of London Borough of Lewisham Council) to review your application. Once it has been approved you can purchase your permit session with RingGo.

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Article Last Updated at: 24 Jan 14 13:03

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