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What is the difference between a standard session and a permit?

A standard RingGo session will work in the same manner as a Pay & Display service whereby you park one vehicle for the entire duration you have purchased. All standard sessions are non-transferable; meaning that if you park for multiple days, you are not able to swap between vehicles. If you find that you have to park an alternative vehicle at any point during the session (due to your primary vehicle being serviced as one example) you will be required to pay again for the secondary vehicle and seek a refund from the parking operator for the unused portion of your original session.

A RingGo permit/rail season ticket is offered by some of our parking operators for longer-term parking or those who intend to use more than one vehicle at some point during the course of their parking session. Permit holders can manually amend the active session vehicle themselves from their online RingGo account. Any session vehicle changes are immediate unless you hold a Council-based permit which requires documentary evidence and approval prior to the changes being applied.

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