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I don't know whether or not I'm registered as a RingGo user?!

You should have been sent an email from your Company RingGo Administrator if you are a registered RingGo user.

If you have lost this email, or are not sure who your RingGo Administrator is, you can always check if you are a registered RingGo user by calling the RingGo service from your usual business phone. When testing, select the authorised vehicle, your zone, duration, and then attempt to make payment. If you are immediately offered RingGo as a payment option, the vehicle selected and phone number called from are configured for Corporate use.

If you are asked for credit or debit card details then unfortunately the vehicle or phone number are not configured for RingGo payments. You should refer any queries to your RingGo Administrator or employer in the first instance.

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Article Last Updated at: 14 Mar 18 08:36

Category: Corporate

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