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Why have I been charged more than I expected?

There may be a couple of reasons why you believe that you have been over-charged, this could include:

Convenience fee 

In some areas, a convenience fee has been agreed upon between the council or parking operator and RingGo when using the service. The parking operator may have taken a decision to apply this fee for a number of reasons relating to both cost and convenience. From the customer's point of view, cashless parking allows you to extend your parking session without having to return to your vehicle and you can buy longer-term parking through RingGo which may not necessarily be available using the on-site payment machines.

SMS fees

When parking via RingGo you have the option to receive text message confirmations and reminders of your session expiry.

To opt-out of receiving these messages log in to your account on the website and click on Parking Notifications on the left-hand side. You can select or unselect what you would like to receive from the SMS setting list. Alternatively, you can use the RingGo app and click on Account and My parking notifications.

Text Message fees may vary by parking location. Text Messages are available on resident visitor, employee, commuter permits, and cashless parking sessions.

Fuel surcharge

Some of our parking operators have chosen to include a surcharge on specific vehicle types to encourage the take-up of greener vehicles and create healthier cities and improve the wellbeing of both visitors and residents. RingGo provides an Emissions Based Parking tool which makes this possible for local towns and cities.


Pre-Authorisation fee

A pre-authorisation fee means we can check that you will have sufficient funds to pay for the parking sessions once stopped.

As you start a start-stop parking session, we will request your bank reserve the maximum parking cost at that location. This ensures payment can be taken quickly and easily when you stop your session.  If you choose not to proceed with the reserved amount, your parking session cannot be started.

If you have mobile banking, you may see this reserved amount pop up, or shown as pending in your banking app.

When you have stopped your session, we will tell your bank or card issuer the actual cost of your parking session and they will deduct only that amount. This process can take a few minutes to a few days depending on who you bank with.

We have no control over the speed at which your bank or card issuer releases the surplus pre-authorised amount.

Remember, we will only ever charge the amount you have used.