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'This mobile number has already been registered with RingGo from past usage'

If you attempt to register as a new RingGo member and receive a 'This mobile number has already been registered with the RingGo parking service from past usage.' message, it simply means that you have called or parked with RingGo historically and are already registered to the service. You therefore do not need to re-register.

In order to proceed with the application process, if you do not remember the password or PIN associated with your account, you will first be required to reset the password / PIN linked with the telephone number you have entered. To reset your RingGo password / PIN, simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to myRingGo.
  • Click the 'Forgotten your Passowrd or PIN?' option.
  • Enter your mobile number (or landline number if you previously registered this as an alternative). (Although you can enter your email address to proceed with the password / PIN recovery process we recommend that you first enter the telephone number you first registered).
  • Enter the VRM (vehicle registration mark, i.e., the vehicle number plate) of a vehicle registered on your account.
  • Click 'Next'.
  • You may now be prompted to answer a security question. If you experience difficulties in answering the security question you can request assistance by clicking the link contained in the 'If you are unable to answer any of these questions click here to request to be contacted by the RingGo customer care team today.' message that appears on-screen. 
  • Once the answer has been accepted, you will be asked to confirm the email address you wish the password / PIN reset link sent to (if an email address is already present on the account) or provide your email address and click 'Next'. Should you no longer have access to the displayed email address you can delete this and update your stored email address at the same time. The password / PIN reminder will be sent to whichever email address you provide.
  • A message will display confirming that a password / PIN reset link has been sent and the email address it will be delivered to. Click 'Finish' to complete the process and return to the homepage.

Shortly afterwards you will receive your password / PIN reset link. Please ensure that with any email RingGo sends, you check your Junk/Spam mailbox to verify delivery as it may not reach your Inbox directly. The reset link will expire after 24 hours.

Note: the RingGo PIN can only be used to gain access to your myRingGo account if you have not previously set password protection. If you have a password stored to your account (you will be notified during the PIN recovery process) then you need to use this to gain access or reset your password.

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