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RingGo Wallet

RingGo's virtual wallet is a secure online solution which motorists use to pay for their parking. It operates through a prepaid account which is set up and managed through the RingGo website. Funds can be added by credit or debit card.

To set up, manage or top your wallet just log in to your RingGo account.

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  • You can pre-pay for your visitor permits

  • You can top up your wallet at any time using a credit or debit card

  • You can use your wallet when paying via apps, the telephone or online

  • You don't need to remember the security number from the back of your payment card every time you pay

  • You can allocate the amount you have to spend on parking for the month ahead

  • Depending on the operator offering the wallet, you may no longer need to visit the council offices to top up your parking card to receive a discount on your parking

How it works

Firstly you need to create or log in to your RingGo account and then navigate to the RingGo wallets page. You can then either set up a new wallet or top up an existing wallet. To set up a new wallet click the link and then follow the on screen instructions. Once set up you can click the link to top up the wallet, then simply select the amount you would like added to the wallet and then pay using your credit or debit card.

Once the wallet has credit on it you will be offered to pay using it (as well as your credit/debit card) whenever you make a RingGo transaction for the operator you have the wallet with. If there is not enough credit to cover the transaction in your wallet, then you won't be offered the option to pay using your wallet.

You can manage your wallet by topping up with extra funds at any time and viewing the transactions you have made using your wallet.