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Essential Permit Information

Essential user permits are generally provided to employees that work within the public sector. For example: fire and police services, local and national Health authorities and council officers who use a vehicle for essential business duties within the borough boundaries.

The permit is virtual which means that there is no need to display a paper permit in the vehicle. Civil enforcement officers will be able to identify which vehicles have a valid permit from the vehicle registration number.

To buy another month, six month or annual permit against your application, log in and then go to the Parking Permits and click on the money icon against your application.

You will need to supply:

  • Letter from employer (on headed paper) confirming your employment, vehicle registration, make, model and colour and reason for use of vehicle and

  • Proof of insurance for business purposes on vehicle.

Photographs of documentation will be accepted if you do not have access to a scanner.

Permits are single vehicle specific and not transferable between vehicles.

To apply for a permit click the apply button at the bottom of this text.

Permit Info Image
Essential Permit Costs
Monthly Cost


CO2 emissions or Engine CC Annual Cost
Up to 100 g/km £235.00
101–170 g/km / up to 1549cc £520.00
Over 171 g/km / Over 1549cc £870.00