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Market Trader Annual Daily Permit Information

This is where you can apply for your 1 day per week annual Market Trader permit. You can also apply for a maximum of 3 days per week on this permit application and each day will be charged at the annual daily rate.

Market Trader parking permits are only available to Walthamstow High Street market traders.

Permits are single vehicle specific and not transferable between vehicles.

You will need to supply:

  • Proof of identification.

  • Proof that they have a valid trader's licence that is registered to Walthamstow High Street.

  • Pitch details

  • Vehicle registration number of the vehicle that will be used for trading purposes. All details will be cross checked between parking and market departments.

Photographs of documentation will be accepted if you do not have access to a scanner.

Market Trader permits are virtual so paper permits are no longer being issued (valid paper permits will be honoured until expiry). Civil enforcement officers will be able to identify which vehicles have a valid permit from the vehicle registration number.

To apply for a permit select the Apply button at the bottom of this text.

Permit Info Image
Market Trader Annual Daily Permit Costs
Annual daily - One day per week  
CO2 emissions or Engine CC Cost
Up to 100 g/km £195.00
101–170 g/km / up to 1549cc £275.00
Over 171 g/km / Over 1549cc  £425.00