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Can I have two mobile numbers registered on a single RingGo account?

Unfortunately it is not possible to have two or more mobile numbers linked to the same RingGo account if you are a personal user of the service. Each time you call RingGo using a different mobile, the system recognises you based on the mobile number you are calling from and automatically creates a new account (if the second mobile number is not already registered).  In effect your mobile number is your RingGo account number. These rules differ for our RingGo Corporate service.

However, it is possible to have two different mobile numbers registered on separate personal RingGo accounts, each containing the same vehicle and payment card information so that you can call using either mobile and the details offered will be the same. This simply means you hold two or more active accounts and must login to each account individually to recover VAT receipts.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Oct 14 13:16

Category: Managing My Account

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