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How do I register with the RingGo parking service?

If you have previously used RingGo in the past to pay for your parking, the system would have automatically registered you to all services as a customer, and as such you will already hold a RingGo account.

Should this be the case, you do not need to sign up, but rather request your PIN, if not already known. After successfully answering the security question, your PIN will be emailed to you (by confirming or supplying your email address) allowing you access to the account. If you encounter difficulties answering the security question during the process you can request assistance from our Customer Care Team. Please ensure that with any PIN Reminder email we send, you check your Junk/Spam mailbox to verify delivery as it may not reach your direct Inbox.

If you have never used our service before, but plan to in the future, you can sign up prior to actually parking with RingGo. By pre-registering, your first use of RingGo will be considerably quicker as you will already have provided us with priority data, such as your vehicle details and payment card information. When you then call RingGo, the system will automatically recognise you by mobile number and offer back your stored details. However, you will still be required to provide the location number, duration and the three digit CV2 (security) code from your payment card to authorise the transaction. The CV2 code is the only information not stored by RingGo for security reasons.

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