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My registration plate has been incorrectly registered. How do I amend it?

As the vehicle registration plate is sent to the parking operator whenever you book via the RingGo parking service to enable them to enforce, it is essential that you provide us with fully accurate vehicle information. Should the vehicle registration especially not be 100% correct then you would be liable to receiving a parking fine.

If you have incorrectly registered the wrong vehicle in error then we allow 15 minutes from the time of purchase to correct the active vehicle. This can be done in one of two ways:

1. Online from the RingGo Help Centre by using the 'Change vehicle(s) on session / permit' Popular Question.

2. By replying to any RingGo text message you have received or sending a new text to 81025 with the below syntax:

RingGo correct ABC123

(ABC123 is an example vehicle registration and wording will need to be replaced with the vehicle registration you wish to amend the active session to)

If the 15 minute window for making these changes has expired then unfortunately you will need to pay again for the correct vehicle and seek any refund for the unwanted session from the parking operator direct.

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