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How do I change my PIN or Password?

If you used the service for the first time by calling then you will automatically be registered to Parkmobile and assigned a randomly generated four digit PIN to access your on-line account.  When registering on-line or via our mobile apps you are required to set your own password for use with your account.

To amend your existing PIN or Password:

1) Once logged in, click in the top right corner of the page and select from the displayed dropdown options.

2) Enter your current PIN or Password in the respective 'Old PIN' or 'Old Password' field.

3) Now enter your 'New PIN' or 'New Password' in the field of the same name and 'Confirm New PIN' or 'Confirm New Password' before clicking to instantly apply the changes.

If currently logging in with the PIN you are alternatively able to password protect your account by following the same instructions as above from step 3.

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