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How do I change the mobile number stored against my Parkmobile account?

You can easily change the mobile number associated to your account providing the new number you want stored has not previously been used with the Parkmobile service. Remember, you only need to have called Parkmobile once at any point in the past to have automatically registered that mobile number. 

To amend your stored mobile number:

1) Once logged in, click  under the 'My Details' heading on the Dashboard.

2) Under 'Contact Details' simply type over the existing mobile number before clicking to instantly apply the changes.

Once your mobile number has been amended, you will need to use your updated mobile number along with the existing PIN/last four digits of your stored payment card or Password combination to login.

Please note: If upon trying to save your changes you receive and error message that states your mobile number is already registered you will not be able to apply the changes.  In these instances you should logout and reset the PIN/Password against the account you are trying to change your mobile number to by clicking the  or  links found on the 'Login' page.

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Article Last Updated at: 06 Oct 15 14:02

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