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I believe I have been overcharged using the RingGo parking service!

All tariffs offered by us are done so at the instruction of the parking operator. We are not involved in the management of any location and as such, have no influence over the pricing structure.

In the first instance, you should always refer to our Parking Locator and search the location where you have parked for tariff information. There are also additional charges levied by either the parking operator (the convenience fee) and RingGo (text messages) that may need to be considered.

If you still believe that you have been overcharged or have paid using the RingGo service more than once on the same date, you will need to apply for a refund with the relevant parking operator. Whenever you pay with us, we simply bank all monies to the parking operator and any application for a refund must be made directly to ther parking operator. Only they will be able to authorise a partial or full refund of any sort. In order to request a refund, you should contact the parking operator either by phone or in writing.

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Article Last Updated at: 13 Mar 18 15:25

Category: Refunds

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