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Can I pay for more than one vehicle in the same transaction?

Unfortunately not. Should you use the RingGo parking service and want to pay for more than one vehicle (i.e., paying for a friend/family member/colleague, etc.) you will need to process each transaction separately.

This is primarily because we automatically register an account for you using your mobile or landline telephone number the first time you call our automated telephone service and therefore, all vehicles paid for against this account will be stored and offered back to you each time you come to use the service. Nearly all motorists tend to park only their own vehicle and are not likely to want the secondary vehicle offered the next time they book parking with the RingGo parking service.

If you are a business user and want to make multiple bookings, you may find that Corporate is more suitable to your needs. Click here for more information regarding our Corporate service.

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Article Last Updated at: 12 Mar 18 15:46

Category: Parking

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