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Why am I unable to extend my current parking session?

If you have purchased a standard session and require longer than the time you have already booked, you are able to extend your current active session up to the maximum stay duration. The option to extend will be available when using all payment methods (phone, mobile apps, online and text).

Should you not be offered the option to extend your current session then you have already reached the maximum stay duration at that location. This means that you will either need to purchase a new session (as near to the expiration of the current session to limit the possibility of receiving a parking fine) or move your vehicle from the car park/parking area should a no return rule be applicable. You should refer to local signage or search our Parking Locator for details of any parking rules.

If you are a permit holder then any extension must be purchased online using our Permit Booking Form.

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Article Last Updated at: 03 Jan 20 13:28

Category: Parking

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